What IM1 Is About

Group Goals

Welcome to Integrated Math 1! Our class has two types of goals: math goals (Essential Concepts) and group goals. Group goals refer to the soft skills your student will practice almost every day in class as we prepare them for school, their future jobs, and more. Teamwork, communication, and social skills are at the heart of our group goals, as you can see in the boxes to the right. These goals are just important as our math objectives, for some students might not need every concept they will learn in math in their everyday lives. As an educator, I want to expose your student to all different types of math, show them how fun math can be, and to teach them how to collaborate through problem solving, thinking critically, and interacting with others. Please see the "IM1 Essential Concepts" document below for the 14 math concepts we want your student to know.

Essential Concepts



Grading Rubric


To help monitor your student's grade, please navigate to the mastery tab on Schoology. Information about parent access to Schoology can be found in the "How Can I Help My Student Section" below. In the mastery tab (see picture to the right), there are Essential Concepts on the left, followed by a star (if your student has earned one for that concept) and a number. The star is given when your student has earned a score of "3" on an assessment (task, exit ticket, quiz, etc.) at least twice for that Essential Concept. The number represents the grade for the Essential Concept, calculated by based on your student's scores on assessments; the most recent assessment accounts for 75% of the grade for that concept. This way of calculating the grade ensures that students continue to demonstrate mastery of a concept throughout the semester. Please ask your student or me if you have any questions about proficiency or how they will earn their grade.

Grading Calculator

The Grade Calculator is intended to help students and their families easily know what grade they currently have. Click the blue link to access this tool and please email me with any questions you have about grades.

How to Help Your Student

Monitor Grades

The most important way you can help your student is to monitor their academic progress and conduct in class. Schoology is the most up-to-date tool for staying on top of your student's grades because Infinite Campus does not yet have the capabilities to support our IM1 team's method of grading. However, I will post your student's academic grade every progress report (which occur about every 3 weeks), as well as their assignment completion, on Infinite Campus, so it is still a valuable resource to help students and their families. Although assignments are not calculated into students' grades, I still mark assignments as complete or missing so that parents and advocates can track their student's effort and participation in my class. To access Infinite Campus, please click this link for the Infinite Campus Portal. If you have questions about Infinite Campus, feel free to reach out to me via email or visit this helpful page. I will need to provide you with a parent access code in order to login to Schoology, and here is the link for the Schoology login. In addition, I have linked this guide to help you navigate Schoology.

Paper Tutoring

Homework Help